Clerk from Essex who'd never heard of Shakespeare scoops the £100,000


He wet the bed and Charley claimed she saw him pleasuring himself but that didn’t put viewers off lovable Brian Belo.

The 20-year-old always planned to be a ‘legendary housemate’ and now the data entry clerk from Essex has triumphed with 60.3% of the public vote.

In his audition tape, Brian confessed to being a ‘Jack the lad’ and boasted that he could self-hypnotize.

The ‘original party boy with lots of sex appeal’ also admitted he dealt with boredom by talking to imaginary hot girls.

Bless. Now he’s famous, perhaps he’ll get to grips with some real ones.

Maybe even Amanda – so that, as he imagines, angels will come down and harps will play.

In the meantime, Brian’s off to celebrate with a bottle of cider.

Twins Amanda and Sam took second place in BB8, Liam came third and Ziggy was fourth.

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