Troubled star's snappy remark used by comedian

Britney Spears’ angry outburst at a reporter outside her LA court hearing last Friday has been put to music and immortalised on video.

Britney, 25, who was appearing at a custody hearing regarding her two sons, was taking a break outside and snapped ‘Eat it, lick it, snort it, f*** it,’ when a reporter asked her how she was doing.

LA-based comedian Eric ‘Smooth-E’ Schwartz has taken Britney’s words, and created a parody that includes him telling a Taco Bell worker, ‘It’s Britney, bitch.’

He also runs over a paparazzo’s foot while driving with Starbucks straws up his nose, and whips off a wig to reveal a bald head.

‘I recorded the song after a stand up show Saturday night in a hotel room in Chicago,’ Eric tells US Magazine.

‘A lot of times, the audience eats it up, but this time they ate it, licked it, snorted it and f***ed it!’

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