She deems Michael Douglas’ films too racy

Catherine Zeta-Jones has banned her kids from watching their dad Michael Douglas’ films – because they’re too racy.

The Welsh actress, 37, and the Fatal Attraction star, 64, have two children together – Dylan, seven, and Carys, four.

Catherine thinks the kids will have to get a little older before they can Michael’s films.

But she reveals she’s happy to let Dylan and Carys watch her family friendly movies.

‘They’ve seen me in Zorro and in Sinbad, the animated movie, which they are rather charmingly still convinced I cut my hair for,’ she tells Tatler.

‘But they’re so young, so I’m not having them see Michael’s films with Glenn Close [Fatal Attraction] and Sharon Stone [Basic Instinct] just yet!’

See just why Catherine Zeta-Jones won’t let the kids watch Michael Douglas’ films in this video.