Billi Bhatti's ex-girlfriend claims the Posh wannabe slept with her man

Has Chanelle Hayes cheated on Ziggy Lichman with another Big Brother housemate?

Billi Bhatti’s ex-girlfriend Gemma Storey claims he and Chanelle had a steamy encounter just hours after the Posh lookalike was reunited with Ziggy on the final night of the Channel 4 show.

‘Chanelle and Ziggy’s relationship is a total fake,’ Gemma tells the News Of The World.

‘She cheated on him with Billi – you don’t do that if you’re in love.’

Gemma says Billi told her he sneaked into Chanelle’s hotel room and boasted about the encounter, saying she loved every minute.

‘One thing led to another,’ Gemma claims he confessed. ‘We had sex. She was on top and loved it.’

But Chanelle, 19, has dismissed the accusations – and declined to comment either way.

‘Billi is such a has-been. I really can’t be bothered with this,’ was all she’d say.

See the love triangle for yourselves…

Alison Adey