Victoria Beckham wants her sons to see her as a Spice Girl

Victoria Beckham reformed the Spice Girls to please her family, according to husband David.

‘She says all our boys know what Daddy does – he plays football in front of these people – but they have never seen what Mummy used to do,’ he reveals.

Becks, 32, reckons that Cruz, 2, Romeo, 5, and Brooklyn, 8, are going to love seeing their mum perform on stage – ‘especially Romeo, he’s the performer in our family.’

David will be joining his wife on some stages of the tour while she struts her stuff on stage. But they’ll both be giving plenty of time to their sons.

‘My boys are my life, they’re the only thing that counts,’ he says. ‘They’re the biggest thing in our lives.

‘We’ll do anything to protect them from the madness around us and we want more kids, without a doubt.’

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Leanne Dewsnap