Little Britain actor plans to go under the cover of darkness

David Walliams has so much trouble convincing women he’s straight, he reckons life would be easier if he was homosexual.

The Little Britain actor – who enjoys playing transsexual Emily ‘I’m a laydee’ Howard – says that despite his effeminate ways, he’s not interested in members of the same sex.

‘I’m camp,’ he admits. ‘It’d be easier to be gay. I wouldn’t have to persuade women I’m not.’

David, 36, says that having a job which allows him to wear women’s clothes saves him having to try frocks in real life.

‘I might be a transvestite if I wasn’t dressing up on the show,’ he tells the Radio Times.

‘A friend has invited me to a transvestite club – and I’ll go in the darkness. I’d like to do it properly with good make-up and a nice dress. I don’t do anything by halves.’

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Alison Adey