Big Brother presenter feels like a goddess

Davina McCall admits that being pregnant makes her feel sensational.

Varicose veins, hormones raging and strange cravings? Not for Davina. In fact, while she was expecting her third child, she absolutely bloomed.

‘For the first three months I was shattered but after that I felt amazing,’ she says.

‘I was doing Big Brother and I felt I looked better than I ever had done. I did feel sexier – I felt like a goddess.’

The 40 year-old Big Brother presenter and her husband Matthew Robertson, 37, have 3 children – Holly, 6, Tilly, 4, and 14 month-old Chester.

Daughter Holly was eager to help out in the birthing pool when baby brother Chester was on the way.

‘She was so cute, stroking my hair and helping me through contractions,’ Davina tells the Daily Mirror.

‘She even asked if she could get in. But I said, “No it might get a bit messy!”‘

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Leanne Dewsnap