Trainee barrister fired by Sir Alan Sugar

Last night Nicholas De Lacy Brown was the first wannabe to get fired by Sir Alan Sugar on the new series of The Apprentice.

The trainee barrister boasted his only failure in life had been getting a B-grade in his French GCSE.

But when he was put in charge of pricing on the losing boy’s team Renaissance, he confused the cost of fish and sold £20 lobsters for just £5.

When called back into the boardroom Nicolas, 24, failed to win over Sir Alan, blaming the loss on a cultural divide within the team.

‘You were devastated when you got a B in your GCSE French,’ Sir Alan, 61, said. ‘You’re going to be even more devastated now because you got a big fat F. You’re fired!’

SEE VIDEO Nicholas De Lacy Brown getting fired on The Apprentice…

Alana Hebenton