Heroes star faces off with Japanese fishermen

Hayden Panettiere tried to save a group of dolphins from slaughter – but was driven back by hook-wielding fishermen.

The Heroes starlet, 18, joined a group of 6 surfers protesting against the yearly massacre off Taiji, a Japanese whaling town.

Hayden and pals paddled out to protect the dolphins but were forced to retreat by angry fishermen who menaced the surfers.

The dolphins were later forced into a cove and butchered with knives.

Hayden sobbed as she returned to dry land.

‘It’s innocence being slaughtered, it’s innocence being taken away,’ she said. “Dolphins and whales are probably the friendliest animals on the face of this planet.’

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) estimates that 20,000 dolphins and porpoises will be slaughtered this season.

See video of Japanese dolphin slaughter (WARNING: VERY DISTRESSING CONTENT)…



Hannah Davies