Macca's ex offended by amputee jibe

Heather Mills has slated Charlotte Church for having a laugh about her missing leg.

‘Celebrities on TV have joked about my disability – Charlotte Church did a joke about it on her show,’ she complains.

‘It was so offensive to amputees and I got so many emails.’

Sir Paul McCartney’s ex claims that the Welsh TV star’s remarks were distressing to disabled children.

‘The next day, kids at school who are amputees were crying because children in the playground joked about their leg,’ she tells Hello!

Heather, 39, says making fun of her disability is just not acceptable.

‘It’s very hurtful, and I just won’t have it,’ she insists.

‘You try having your leg chopped off by a police motorcycle and overcoming it.’

See the Charlotte Church sketch that made Heather see red (warning: offensive content):

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Hannah Davies