The ex-glamour model returns to GMTV for another rant

Heather Mills returned to the GMTV sofa this morning to have another rant about the British press.

Looking far more calm and collected than on her previous visit, the former model claimed the tabloids did exactly what she expected after her last interview.

‘It’s a perfect example of another load of lies,’ the 39-year-old told Fiona Phillips. ‘I never likened myself to Kate McCann. You saw it live… it’s all lies.

‘I never would compare myself to that situation… I cannot even imagine what they are going through.’

Heather then went on to claim she received tremendous support following her outburst and was even awarded a standing ovation on Eurostar!

The former glamour model also defended accusations of inviting the press into her life.

‘I was quiet for a year but I had 4,000 articles written with me and I remained absolutely silent,’ she insisted. ‘It’s like being an abused woman at home … afraid to tell anyone.. I am a victim of abuse.

‘I’m so happy, after 18 months of abuse, to actually be able do this campaign.’

See Heather Mills on GMTV this morning in this video…

Holly Arnold