Attack on tabloid press gets her more criticism

Heather Mills volunteered to be interviewed on GMTV yesterday morning to complain about her treatment by the British media.

‘They’ve called me a whore, a golddigger, a fantasist, a liar, the most unbelievably hurtful things, and I’ve stayed quiet for my daughter,’ the 39-year-old told Fiona Phillips.

‘I’ve been close to suicide. I’m so upset about this… I’ve had worse press than a paedophile or a murderer and I’ve done nothing but charity for 20 years.’

The ex-glamour model became so emotional, her voice started to break.

She believes she’s become a public hate figure in the UK because of her acrimonious break-up from Sir Paul McCartney, 65.

Heather, who became an amputee after being injured in a road accident, doesn’t think she deserves any of the jibes against her.

‘Jonathan Ross said, “She’s such an effing liar, we’re going to find out she’s got two legs instead of one”,’ she explained bitterly.

Now, despite saying she doesn’t want to be in the media spotlight, Heather is on the front pages of tabloids again.

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