She thinks David and Victoria have brought paparazzi to LA neighbourhood

Heidi Klum isn’t impressed with David and Victoria’s move to her LA neighbourhood.

The 34-year-old supermodel and British singer hubby, Seal, 44, live up the road from the Beckhams’ new mansion.

And now Heidi says Posh, 33, and Becks, 32, are unwelcome because of the paparazzi attention they’ve brought.

‘You guys don’t even know what that means,’ Heidi told Jay Leno on his US chat show.

‘You couldn’t even drive by because they were hanging out, waiting for them to leave their house.

‘Every time we would leave the house either they would follow us or you couldn’t pass the street. It’s kind of a pain.’

Don’t worry, Heidi, Posh is talking about moving to Malibu.

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