But Jade Goody’s mum says it came naturally

Jackiey Budden admits she was terrified of making love to her new boyfriend Jason Cooper.

Jade Goody’s mum has been a lesbian for the past 25 years.

‘We started out as friends,’ explains Jackiey, 51. ‘We were sleeping in the same bed together for weeks after going out — not having sex, just crashing out.

‘Finally our relationship became sexual. The sex was totally natural.

‘It was a massive step for me and I was petrified – I hadn’t slept with a man for years.

‘But this has been fun, I feel contented and secure. I feel safe and that’s down to Jason.’

Big Brother star Jackiey reckons Jason, 36, could be The One.

‘The age difference, my past, it means nothing,’ she tells The Sun. ‘We’ve found something so special.

‘It’s the purest love I’ve ever known. I know I’ve found someone I can grow old with.’

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