Singer lashes out at troubled stars


Jamelia is alarmed by the number of singers who have addiction problems and is determined to stay on the straight and narrow.

The RnB star, 27 – who hasn’t released a single since early 2007 – is irritated by the record industry’s tolerance of drug and alcohol abuse.

‘Rather than have to roll in and out of rehab and you know, injecting s**t in my toes and stuff, I’d rather not,’ she insists.

‘It’s not about artists anymore, it’s not about song writers anymore. And also the way that people sell their records nowadays – it’s all kind of surrounded by controversy and I think it should be something a bit better.’

Jamelia also believes something dramatic should be done to combat crime.

‘National service and the death penalty should be brought back,’ she tells The Sun. ‘I think the Government needs to think seriously about what they are doing about it.’

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Gemma Stephenson