Actress's interview interrupted by Gary Busey

Jennifer Garner got a fright during an Oscar red carpet interview – when aging actor Gary Busey crashed the interview to introduce himself.

The Juno actress was being interviewd by E! host Ryan Seacrest when Gary interrupted.

Gary, 63 , star of 80s hits Lethal Weapon and Predator 2, began to shout at Ryan: ‘Ryan Seacrest I’ve been looking for you for years.’

The shocked presenter asked the actor what he’d done and Gary replied: ‘Its what you haven’t done that’s the problem.’

The confused American Idol host tried to continue the interview but was interrupted again.

But it was Jen who was in for the biggest shock. After Ryan introduced the pair, Gary encased her in bear-like hug and then lunged in to kiss her neck.

The clearly shaken actress joked about needing husband Ben Affleck to protect her.

Ryan turned to camera and said: ‘I have no idea how to explain what’s happening on this carpet right now!’

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Holly Arnold