Brian Dowling in tears after comic's comments

Jim Davidson has been booted off Hell’s Kitchen because of his anti-gay comments.

The 53-year-old had former BB winner Brian Dowling in tears after calling homosexual men ‘shirt-lifters’ who have ‘the same look’.

Brian, 29, asked the comedian not to use such offensive words, but Jim would not back down.

‘Go on. You play the whole homophobic card, you are a f***ing disgrace,’ he ranted.

Brian eventually couldn’t control his emotions and was visibly shaken.

‘I find you the most offensive person I have ever met in my whole life,’ he said.

Jim, who told producers he’d had enough, was shown the exit door.

‘ITV does not condone comments that could potentially offend someone,’ says a spokesman.

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See video of the way Jim started to insult Brian…

Suzannah Ramsdale