Glamour model says she and her hubby use masks in the bedroom

Jordan has revealed that her love life with husband Peter Andre is like a horror film.

The glamour model, 29 – who once compared Pete’s manhood to a TV remote control – claims that their bedroom adventures are as ‘sick’ as scenes in Hostel.

The movie is R-rated because of the brutal scenes of torture and violence, strong sexual content, language, and drug use.

‘Pete is the sicko,’ Jordan tells OK!, ‘not me. I’m the extremist.

‘Have you seen the film Hostel? Our sex life is like that.

‘We use masks. Anything goes, as long as you’ve got a straw. Ha! The thing, is, we have a good imagination. If you just have the roll on/roll off then it would get boring.’

Um, what ever happened to romance?

See a scenes from Hostel yourself (R-rated)…