Couple get damages and a public apology from tabloid


Jordan and Peter Andre have been awarded an undisclosed sum in damages after a newspaper portrayed them as bad parents.

Jordan, 30, and Peter, 35, sued the News Of The World over an article published in February, which centred on an interview with their former nanny.

‘Anyone who has kids can imagine how they would feel to be accused publicly of being bad parents,’ Jordan said outside the High Court.

‘Pete and I love our kids and would do anything for them.

‘We came here today to see that justice was done and that our names were cleared.’

The paper apologised and accepted the allegations were false.

Jordan, real name Katie Price, is mum to Harvey, 5, from a previous relationship, and Junior, 3, and Princess Tiaamii, almost 1.

The couple will donate half the damages to the NSPCC and the Vision Charity and put the other half
into a trust fund for their children.

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