Singer exposes troubled star as two-faced

Katie Melua might look like the quiet type, but get her talking about Amy Winehouse and she won’t shut up.

The singer says Amy is two-faced, after the troubled star called her music ‘s**t’.

‘We’d never met when she made that comment, but we did afterwards and she was really nice to me,’ Katie says. ‘All I would say to her is, “If you are going to be mean, do it to my face”.’

Even so, Katie, 23, has some compassion for the jazz diva because her life is in such a state.

‘If what we read about Amy is true,’ she tells The Daily Mail. ‘I feel very sorry for her.’

And don’t get Katie started on Kate Moss or Pete Doherty.

‘My dad, being a doctor, has always told me the horror stories of drugs and overdosing,’ she says. ‘So it makes me angry that people like Kate Moss and Pete Doherty are glamorised in the press.’

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Hannah Claxton