Public scrutiny is tough to deal with she says

Keira Knightley reckons that fame is ‘horrific’.

‘I absolutely hate red carpet events,’ reveals the 22-year-old.

‘I don’t like the fact that people write, “Oh you look like crap” or “I don’t like your arms”.

‘I’m not Wonder Woman! I have self-esteem issues. Everybody does.

‘You know, skinny people are allowed to feel shit about themselves too.’

Keira doesn’t stop there either.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star, who gets £4 million a movie and has multi-million pound modelling contracts with Asprey and Chanel, is just as scathing about autograph hunters, photographers and fans in general.

‘It is constant and I can spot them a mile away. It made me frightened of cameras and people,’ Keira tells US magazine Allure.

‘Part of taking the power back is actually saying “No”.’

‘You have this feeling that everyone wants a bit of you. It does feel like that. Any sane person knows this is not nice. It’s a pretty horrific profession really.’

There’re plenty of dead-end, minimum wage jobs out there if you want some privacy, Keira…

Phil Boucher

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