Sir Alan Sugar not impressed by environmental greeting cards

Kevin Shaw was fired by Sir Alan Sugar in last night’s episode of The Apprentice.

The bank manager was called into the boardroom when his team Renaissance failed to win the task to sell greeting cards.

As project manager, Kevin chose an environmental theme – not realising that printing them would go against the message.

He was also criticised for his poor pitches and aggressive tone when trying to sell the products to big firms.

‘This whole task turned into a fiasco,’ Sir Alan, 61, told him. ‘As team leader, I hold you totally responsible. You’re fired!’

Kevin, 25, says he was right to go.

‘If you’re running a company, when the business goes under so does the manager for the company,’ he acknowledges.

Now the businessman, dubbed the only gay in the village by fans for his resemblance to Little Britain character Daffyd, hopes to appear as a lookalike for comedian Matt Lucas.

‘I have no problem with the comparison and if someone wanted me to dress up as Matt for a charity event, I’d do it,’ he tells The Sun.

‘As long as it was for a laugh I’d be game. It’s been going on for years and I often start the mickey-taking myself.

‘Matt is one of the greatest comics this country has produced for years, so it’s hardly an insult.’

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