Hollywood star impresses hosts with his blowing abilities

Matt Damon showed he was game for anything when he took part in a series of crazy sketches for Japanese TV.

The actor appeared on popular Japanese show Let’s Go To School earlier this month.

He met the world whistling champion Takumi Gima – and even joined in with a hilarious whistling rendition of We Are The World.

‘It’s hard to be nervous for me when I’m whistling because whistling always brings up such happy thoughts,’ he tells the host.

Matt, 37, is always up for a laugh and happily joined in with a spoof appearance on the hit US chat show Jimmy Kimmel last year.

Jimmy’s running joke has always been to finish the show with his famous line, ‘Apologies to Matt Damon, but we ran out of time!’

When Matt finally made a special guest appearance, Jimmy cut him short as soon as he came on stage.

‘Go f*** yourself!’ the Hollywood star fumed, before swearing his head off and storming out.

The audience thought it was for real but Matt later admitted he was in on the gag.

See Matt Damon wow Japanese audiences with his whistling on Let’s Go To School in this video…


Watch Matt Damon ‘have a temper tantrum’ on the Jimmy Kimmel show in this video…


Leanne Dewsnap