Meerkat Manor has returned for a new series

Noel Gallagher’s favourite programme is back on TV.

The rock star, 40, has fallen in love with Meerkat Manor – a documentary about the Whiskers, a family of meerkats who live in the Kalahari Desert.

Noel, who used to love to party hard, is captivated by the little creatures and likes nothing more than cuddling up with his 7-year-old daughter to see the show.

‘Mostly I sit at home with my daughter Anais and watch Meerkat Manor,’ he admits.

The new third season promises new characters, lots of romance and more cliffhangers, only not everything goes well for dominant female Flower and her family.

The Zappa tribe are the neighbours from hell. But poor baby Axel…oh, no…

Check out our exclusive new video of Meerkat Manor to see what the little devils are up to…(it will start automatically)

For more info visit Meerkat Manor is on Animal Planet weekdays until Wednesday 26 September.