Rap star's new perfume ad banned in the States

P Diddy’s new perfume advert has been banned in America after TV bosses deemed it too raunchy.

The controversial ad shows the rap star in a steamy clinch with a curvaceous ‘lover’.

He is seen hitching up her dress and pinning her against a wall.

In one scene the sexy brunette lies across the bed topless dressed in suspenders and tiny knickers and in another, stands in front of the 37-year-old while he kisses her tummy.

But while US bosses say it’s too steamy for TV, P Diddy says the content should be judged by viewers and not by officials.

‘Some may be uncomfortable with the sexuality and sexual content,’ he tells the Daily Star.

‘But I feel strongly that it needs to be viewed and judged by the public rather then executives.’

Well, here’s your chance to judge P Diddy’s performance for yourselves…