Rap star's lawyer says any suggestion he was buying drugs are patently false

P Diddy is furious about video footage of him clubbing in Ibiza that’s been posted on YouTube.

The rap star, 27, is caught on camera chatting to a blond guy and raising two fingers, then fiddling with something in his hand.

But while there is nothing incriminating in the clip, viewers have suggested that he was involved in something dodgy.

‘What’s he doing with the dude with the blond hair?’ an observer writes on YouTube.

But the star’s lawyer has put the record straight.

‘Any suggestion he is buying drugs would be patently false’.

Looks to us like Diddy’s just taking a piece of paper with the phone number of the local pizza delivery service…

Alison Adey

See video clip (which you have to watch with you head on your shoulder!)