Record producer believes Welsh singer could be huge in US

Record producer Rick Rubin – founder of the Beastie Boys – is a huge fan of Paul Potts.

He believes the 36-year-old Britain’s Got Talent winner could be a massive star in the States.

‘I can’t look at his performance without crying,’ Rick, co-head of Columbia Records, tells The Sun. ‘His voice is so beautiful. It totally blew my mind.

‘In England, Paul Potts is already gigantic, but we are going to launch him in America.

‘I’ve told our whole staff to send it to everyone, to tell everyone, to mention it everywhere. I want to get Paul Potts out to the world.

‘It’s the element of surprise that makes you interested in Paul Potts: he looks so bland, and then he sings so well.’

Ex-mobile phone salesman Paul is not handsome and he’s not cheeky but boy, has he got talent. Listen to him sing …

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