Babyshambles star tells fans he's clean

Pete Doherty has revealed that he’s been clean for 31 days – and he’s very proud of the fact.

The Babyshambles frontman – who has been in the Clouds rehab centre for a month – has sent out a card to thank fans for their support, signing off ‘31 days clean and counting’.

The troubled junkie, 28, is due to leave the Wiltshire facility in October and is already planning a move to the country to concentrate on his music.

But things are already looking up for him – Babyshambles’ new single Delivery is No 6 in the UK charts and the band’s second album Shotter’s Nation is out on Monday.

Let’s just hope he hasn’t heard about Kate Moss’s rumoured engagement…

Alison Adey

See video of Babyshambles’ new track Delivery…