Ashlee Simpson's boyfriend is internet video star

Pete Wentz has denied that an internet video is a private sex tape featuring him and girlfriend Ashlee Simpson.

The Fall Out Boy star, 28, who has been dating the 23-year-old pop princess for over a year, appears in raunchy footage on the web which has suddenly gained popularity with over 1 million views.

The scene, filmed 18 months ago, does show Pete but he’s not getting jiggy with Ashlee.

‘Just wanted to put the word out on the streets/the internet – there is no Pete Wentz sex tape in existence,’ the star says in a statement.

‘About a year and a half ago I took part in an indie gore/horror short film called Goodnight Moon as a favour to my friend Nathan.

‘Either way I’m not into being an actor or having a sex tape either sooooooooo, hopefully u can deal with it….’

In March 2006, nude photos of Pete appeared on the internet. He posted a response on Fall Out Boy’s website and blog explaining that the pictures were stolen from his mobile phone.

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