Actor says he enjoyed the kissing scenes in new movie Beowulf


Ray Winstone has admitted that kissing Angelina Jolie in new film Beowulf was a huge bonus.

The Cockney actor – who plays epic hero Beowulf in the computer-enhanced film – says he deliberately messed up some of the scenes so he got another chance to lock lips with the beauty.

‘I kept getting the kissing scene wrong on purpose,’ he jokes.

‘With 360-degree camera work you don’t miss much so you have got to do it proper. It’s one of the perks of the job.’

And the 50-year-old also admits he couldn’t help having a sneaky peak at his female co-stars when they were filming.

‘You stand in this blue suit covered in dots and you go to work. Angelina was also in a blue suit, but the difference was that she looked good in it,’ he tells The Sun.

‘Robin Wright Penn and Angelina are both beautiful women. They could put plastic bags on their heads and still look wonderful.’

Ray has just finished filming Indiana Jones movie The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull to be released next year.

Beowulf is in cinemas now.

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Alison Adey