Patsy Palmer and Sid Owen return to Albert Square

Patsy Palmer and Sid Owen have been reunited in their EastEnders roles for the first time in 8 years.

In a newly released trailer, Ricky Butcher, played by Sid, 36, is seen walking around Albert Square only to take a tumble after hearing his ex Bianca Jackson, played Patsy, 35, scream her famous catchphrase ‘RICKAAAY!’

The clip sees the loudmouth back in her trademark tracksuit and silver puffa-jacket, while her estranged husband looks his usual bewildered self.

But fans will be disappointed to learn that the pair aren’t still together. Bianca is now a struggling single mum, with 4 kids from 4 different dads.

See their reunion on EastEnders on BBC1 on 1 April.

Check out the couple’s arrival on the Square here…

Alana Hebenton