Emmerdale star confesses about violent ex

Roxanne Pallett has revealed she was a victim of domestic violence.

The actress spoke about a violent ex partner, who she refused to name, on television yesterday.

‘It starts out of manipulation and control, which I’ve personally witnessed a long time ago,’ she said yesterday on ITV’s This Morning. ‘I was at the point where I couldn’t carry on.’

Roxanne, 25, says she has found her current Emmerdale storyline particularly harrowing to film. Her character Jo Sugden is suffering abuse at the hands of her husband Andy, played by Kelvin Fletcher, 22.

‘It’s really hard for me because it’s so close to home,’ she says. ‘It brings it all back to you.’

Roxanne hopes that the storyline will help other victims of domestic violence.

‘If it takes just one person to a place where they think: “I’m going to seek help and phone a refuge,” then we’ve done our job,’ she says.

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Alana Hebenton