Presenter tries out a couple of vibrators - on her nose


Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield interviewed a veteran sex toy party hostess on This Morning last week – and had a bit of fun with her wares.

Gwen Bailey, 75, showed the TV presenters her keyhole knickers with matching ‘spanker’ and suggested Fern try out the vibrators – on her nose.

‘If it’s the right one, it’ll make you sneeze,’ Gwen advised.

‘Oh my gosh it’s got a mind of its own!’ mum-of-four Fern declared as she switched on the first of two designs.

In the end, despite persistence, neither the ‘sparkly’ model with diamante trim or the pink Rampant Rabbit did the trick. Fern, 50, was just left with a numb hooter.

Sacha Mahoor

See Fern Britton and co-host Phillip Schofield interview Gwen Bailey here…

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