Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) will air on BBC1

The Spice Girls new single will air for the first time on TV tonight.

Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) will premiere on BBC1 at 7.55pm to kick off the launch of Children In Need, which takes place on 16 November.

Emma, Victoria, Geri and the two Mels glam up in classy evening gowns for the promo.

In one shot, svelte Ginger, 35, drapes herself over an ornate dresser, as Posh looks on doing her best pout.

But they do Spice up the video by slipping into something a little less formal.

‘It starts off with them in posh dresses, but some of them soon disappear as they strip off,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror.

We’ll be tuning in.

Hear the Spice Girls’ new song Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) – released on Monday – in this video.