The judges are left gobsmacked by the angriest wannabe ever

Sharon Osbourne looked petrified when X Factor contestant Rachel Lester got in a strop on Saturday night’s show.

Before her audition, Rachel bragged, ‘I’m an extremely good vocalist, I’ve got the looks, I’ve got the body, I’m just too goddamn good’.

But Simon, Dannii, Louis and and Sharon were less than impressed with the 25-year-old from Cardiff.

Simon, 47, told her, ‘You’ve got a really bad attitude, sweetheart – everything I wouldn’t want, lazy, deluded, very little talent.’

Rachel retaliated screeching, ‘The way you lot live your lives you’re all ******* **** and you know you are.’

The outburst left poor Sharon, 55, shocked.

‘What an ugly, ugly person,’ she declared, ‘she was so full of hatred and she even scared me.’

(Which takes some doing!)

See the video of Rachel’s audition…