But actor says he doesn't understand why people collect them


Zac Efron has admitted he went bright red the first time he was shown his Hairspray doll.

The actor, 20, was stunned when he was given the toy – because he couldn’t believe how realistic it was.

‘The first time I saw my doll for the movie Hairspray, it totally made me blush,’ he says.

‘Surprisingly, it looks a lot like me. I was very pleasantly surprised. But I still find it really strange that people want to collect them.’

But Zac – who’s dating High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens – insists he’ll never get too big for his boots.

‘If I ever gave the slightest hint of having a big head, I’d be chopped down so quick by family and friends,’ he tells Top Of The Pops.

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