TV host Jimmy Kimmel and girlfriend Sarah Silverman create YouTube sensations

US comedienne Sarah Silverman’s spoof video I’m F**king Matt Damon attracted 8 million viewers on YouTube in just one month.

But TV host boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel’s response – released a week ago – has been just as big a hit.

I’m F**king Ben Affleck features not just Ben, 35, but a whole load of other Hollywood stars including Brad Pitt and Cameron Diaz.

In the original footage, Sarah claims she’s having sex with Matt Damon behind Jimmy’s back. In the follow-up this week, Jimmy pretends he and Ben, 37, are an item.

Both pieces of footage are brilliant.

See the video of I’m F**king Matt Damon here…

See the video of I’m F**king Ben Affleck here…

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Sacha Mahoor