Jill and Warren Brady are grateful to the rock musician

Rock musician Rick Springfield has been thanked for making the video Christmas With You which features the names and pictures of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jill and Warren’s son Brandon was killed by a roadside bomb at the age 25 in 2006 in the Al Anbar Province of Iraq and they are just two of the parents who are grateful to Rick for his tribute.

They attended Rick’s concert at Pennsylvania’s American Music Theatre on Sunday.

‘We wanted to thank him for honouring our son,’ Jill Hardy tells Lancaster Online. ‘I know Brandon was so proud of what he did.’

Rick, 58, a dad of 2, grew up in a military family in Australia. The General Hospital star – who acts, sings and writes his own material – struggled with depression for many years.

He was interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey show today.

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