He wouldn't kick Angelina Jolie out of bed either

Shayne Ward admits he has a thing for Strictly Come Dancing star Kelly Brook.

‘Kelly Brook’s amazing, and she’s always been a huge crush of mine ever since I first saw her,’ he slobbers.

The model, 28, is currently engaged to Hollywood actor Billy Zane so he doesn’t stand a chance.

Still, Shayne, 23 – who was last year’s X Factor winner – also has a back-up.

The idea of ‘being stuck on a desert island with Angelina Jolie’ makes him breathless.

Shayne hasn’t actually got to within a mile of either of his crushes, but he reckons he’s a big hit with certain Hollywood beauties.

‘Some women in LA are very forward indeed,’ he tells OK!, ‘but I’m not going to be revealing any names.’

Just don’t tell your girlfriend, Shayne…

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Hannah Davies