Cheryl posts a 'mild version' video on Instagram from behind-the-scenes and it’s totally not what we expected

Cheryl might be regarded by many as a national treasure but even she has to wait around on set sometimes.

The 32-year-old star had some time to kill in her dressing room this afternoon during The X Factor auditions in London and decided to share a cheeky video clip showing what she gets up to with her team.

Now we’ve gotta say, we were kind of expecting Chezza to be treated to a bit of pampering in break times. Perhaps a massage? A manicure?

But nope – instead she does slightly awkward dancing to 1980s pop music.

The footage shows Cheryl and her glam squad bopping about and having a giggle as the Tears For Fears tune Everybody Wants To Rule The World plays in the background.

‘Just a mild version of what goes on behind the scenes when it gets to that time of day and me and my team are deliriously waiting for Simon to either arrive (or have his hair quaffed) !! #mild @dayaruci @karindarnell @annahcstyle,’ Ms Fernandez-Versini captioned the sweet clip.

The singer starts off with a retro swaying move before doing that side shuffle and clapping type thing that aunties tend to do at weddings.

Cheryl’s fans loved seeing their idol get her groove on in the cute video. One commented: ‘Lol the dance! You’re too cute!’

Others were keen to know what exactly the Girls Aloud star meant by branding the footage the ‘mild’ edit.

‘If that’s the mild version, I’m intrigued to know about this “other” version,’ one follower wrote.

She followed the video up with a hilarious photo of her performing a slightly strange dance move.

Hmmm, we wonder just how long Cheryl had been waiting around for? The Geordie star spent quite a while answering fans’ Twitter messages this morning, so we can’t help but wonder if that wait had been going on for quite a few hours!

One thing’s for certain though – Chezza’s having a whale of a time!

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