Selena and James are loving it in this new instalment

James Corden‘s Carpool Karaokes have brought endless joy to our lives. One Direction playing ‘sleep with, marry, cruise’. Adele rapping and singing Wannabe. Jennifer Lopez texting Leonardo DiCaprio! #BooBoo.

But we reckon that the latest instalment with Selena Gomez just might be the most fun we’ve seen the chat show host have on four wheels yet.

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For a start, this one sees James and Selena take a quick detour in order to ride a ROLLERCOASTER so that James can ‘have some fun’ before work.

The next shot of them on what seems like a *seriously* high ‘coaster sees the honouring Carpool tradition by singing as they ride, breaking in to Selena’s hit Come and Get It as the ride ascends.

Once they reach the tipping point and start plummeting back down the other side, James loses his chill, freaking out and screaming: ‘OH MY GOD.’

In contrast, Selena is cool as a cucumber and keeps singing right to the end. What a pro!


The fun continues back in the car, where the pair down a couple of shots. But before you start worrying about ‘Selena Gomez and James Corden in DUI drama’, relax – they were GINGER shots, which the former Disney star drinks every morning and swears by for ‘killing all the bad stuff’.

Then, when a wretching James complains that the shots have only made him hungry, the pair swing into a McDonald’s drive-thru. YES.

As James orders (Selena goes for a ‘number 7’ whilst James gets a ‘number 6’, whatever they may be), the server starts freaking out because OMG IT’S SELENA GOMEZ IN THE CAR.

James then complains in jest: ‘I mean, James Corden is also in the car, but she couldn’t care less.’

So. Much. LOLs.

Watch Selena Gomez’s Carpool Karaoke below!