Selena sheds her clean-cut image in racy flick


Selena Gomez admits that starring in explicit movie Spring Breakers sometimes got too much for her.

The former Disney starlet sheds her clean-cut image in the raunchy flick, playing a Christian girl who gets caught up in a world of hedonism, but at times she found it quite overwhelming.

There was one day when I had a bit of a meltdown on set – we had about 200 people outside and I was shooting an intimate scene,’ says Selena, 21.

You’re already in a bikini and I’m doing a scene where I’m drunk. And it was… I just started sobbing.

I said: “Harmony [Korine, the director], there are kids watching me. I don’t know what to do. Sometimes I just want to escape.”

And he shoved me in the pool! He said: “Say everything you just said to me on camera.”‘

Even though it was tough at times Selena was glad she got the chance to push boundaries.

[Projects like Spring Breakers] are great, because they push me,’ she tells The Observer Magazine.

Not many people will take the chances, not like Harmony did. They’ll say: “She’s just a Disney kid – she doesn’t have it.”

Whereas Harmony said: “Oh, she’s a Disney kid. So I want to push her to have it.”‘


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