The singer was starstruck

Selena Gomez did not react the way most girls would when she had the chance to meet Brad Pitt.

Selena, 20, who is rumoured to have rekindled her romance with Justin Bieber, was somewhat overawed by the hunk.

‘I was in my dressing room and I had just finished performing, she says.

knocked on my door and they said Brad Pitt would like to come in and I
was like, “He can come in.” I was trying to play cool and be really

‘As soon as he walked out I ran and I hid under the craft service
table for like two minutes because I couldn’t believe it was happening.

‘He was like, “Can I have a picture with you?” I was like, ‘Can I have a picture with you?!’

‘I was so nervous. Like that stresses me out, but it was fine. I actually had fun and I got to meet Brad Pitt, so…’

He’s not the only star who has attracted her attention. ‘Ryan Gosling is such a given, but he’s super-cute. I’ve not met him yet.
I’ve seen him on a plane – and I didn’t – I freaked out so I didn’t
even – I don’t even think he saw me so … but that one,’ she says on an interview on Elvis Durans radio show in New York.

Join the queue, Selena

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