Selena Gomez is tired of Justin Bieber's seedy ways

We can’t blame Selena Gomez for being a bit shocked by ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber‘s latest antics.

We are too!

After reports JB allegedly tried to get 8 hookers to return to his hotel room on a recent tour of Brazil, Selena, 21, has finally deleted the 19-year-old’s number from her smartphone.

The on-off couple had remained good friends after splitting in June but it’s all over now.

A source tells us: ‘Selena and Justin were on good terms ’til last week, sharing phone calls and emails most days.

‘But hearing all these rumours about him partying with hookers was the final straw.

Selena felt sorry for Justin for a while – she believed him when he said how heartbroken he was and that he was trying to be a better person.

‘But she feels she needs to distance herself and doesn’t want him calling her any more.’

Run a mile, girl!

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