EastEnders' Alfie Moon has a new life and new baby son

Tonight Shane Richie is back on our screens in What We Did On Our Holiday – a one-off drama on ITV1 at 9.00pm.

It’s a challenging role as the son of man who has advanced Parkinson’s Disease and Shane, 42, is glad the character is nothing like EastEnders’ Alfie Moon.

‘One day I hope to achieve the same calibre of work as Helen Mirren, Robbie Coltrane. Respected actors,’ he says.

After leaving Albert Square he was offered lots of Cockney roles and chances to be in reality shows but he turned them all down.

‘I got asked to do the jungle,’ Shane reveals in The Sun. ‘My manager calls me up and I don’t even let him get to the end of a sentence. No, no, no!’

Not travelling to Australia to bicker with other celebs meant he’s had time to bond with new baby boy Mackenzie, born six months ago to girlfriend Christie Goddard, 28.

Shane admits he wasn’t always there for his first two sons, Shane Jr, 18, and Jake, 14, but is a devoted dad to Mackenzie.

‘He takes up so much time, but the time is so valuable,’ he says. ‘It’s a wrench to leave the house. I love my life – I really, really do.’