Cheeky actor tells how teenage sons use his fame to pull

Former-EastEnders star Shane Ritchie reveals how he felt like a pimp on a holiday with his teenage sons.

On a recent trip to Majorca with kids, Shane Jnr, 17, and Jake, now 13, he says the boys used their famous dad to attract the ladies.

The 42-year-old says: ‘Shane and his mates were like: “Dad come to this club with us, they’ll recognise you, all the girls will come over – and then you can f*** off and we can pull”,’ he says.

The cockney heart-throb, who became a dad to third son Mackenzie in April, also tells Sunday Mirror’s Celebs magazine that his family holidays as a kid were far less adventurous.

‘The first time I thought we’d been abroad was when my dad took us to the Isle of Wight,’ the actor recalls. ‘He made out we needed passports!’

Muzakkir Iqbal