Texas singer had an argument with the socialite at a club

Sharleen Spiteri says she once threatened to beat up Paris Hilton.

The Texas star fell out with the 27-year-old socialite on a night out.

‘I was at a party and Paris Hilton arrived with her entourage, who proceeded to stamp all over my friends’ coats,’ she explains.

‘They were on a seat in a booth near where we were sitting. My mates asked her to stop dancing all over our stuff but she didn’t.

‘I took some of my drink in a straw and blew it over her, that moved her.

‘She went: “Who are you, you f***ing bitch?” Then people threw ice cubes at her and it all went off. I got the blame, though.

‘She just went on and on. I got up out of my chair and said: “Look, if you don’t f*** off, I’ll kick the s*** out of you”.’

And Sharleen, 40, says she had Paris’ heavies running scared.

‘It had the effect that one of her security people, who was British, turned to her and said: “I don’t think we should pursue this”,’ she tells Metro.

‘Maybe he knew my reputation.’