Pals stun diners by assisting in loos of posh restaurant

Practical jokers Sharon Osbourne and Sarah Ferguson stunned diners at a top London eatery by pretending to work as toilet attendants.

The Duchess of York, 47, opened cubicle doors while the 53-year-old X Factor judge, who befriended Fergie when the Osbournes moved back to the UK from America, handed out towels.

‘After a few drinks we thought it would be quite fun to go down to the ladies and pretend to be loo attendants,’ Fergie reveals.

‘It’s very naughty. But God it was funny. Most people knew who we were and just smiled or looked really bemused. But one lady didn’t recognise us and got irritated when Sharon asked her where she got her dress from. She thought we were being rude. It was hilarious.’

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