Mrs O says singer was cold towards her

Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she quit The X Factor because she couldn’t get along with Dannii Minogue.

The rock chick says she found it difficult to cope with backstage tensions.

‘I got physically sick with the stress and the pressure,’ she says. ‘Nothing is worth that.

‘I went through so much hurt and that was the biggest factor in me leaving The X Factor. Dannii was 99.9 per cent of the reason. I couldn’t take that in my life.’

Sharon, 56, insists she tried to clear the air with Dannii, 37, who she has branded a ‘teacher’s pet’

‘I’d been reading all these things she’d said about me and I asked her, “Why are you giving me all this shit?”’ she says.

‘But instead of having an adult conversation about it she just cried and never said a word. She is not confrontational.

‘I confronted her a few times but she really doesn’t like it and goes into the baby hissy fit thing and sulks instead of saying, “OK, if that’s the way you feel, maybe we can fix it.”

‘Eventually, in December I went to see Simon Cowell and the show’s executive producer, Richard Holloway, and said the stress was too much and I couldn’t do it any more.’

But Sharon doesn’t hold a grudge.

‘I would be willing to give her a number for a reconstructive surgeon if she wants one,’ she tells The Sun. ‘She’s a beautiful woman but her surgery isn’t the best I’ve ever seen.’

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