Yummy mummy pig Wilma is chat show star

Sharon Osbourne has invited new mum Wilma, a pot-bellied pig, onto her TV chat show.

Earlier this year, ugly sow Wilma was given a makeover by her keepers at the Twinlakes Park in Leicestershire – to encourage her to mate after being rejected by male pigs.

She was given a massage in pig oil, a ‘trotticure’, and a good wash – all to the dulcet tones of Barry White to lure the boys into her lurve nest. Within days, boar Ben was enticed into Wilma’s boudoir.

On 11 September, the pampered piggie gave birth to eight piglets, six girls and two boys, under the watchful eye of Park Manager Sandy Gyorvari.

On Monday Sandy will accompany Wilma and her offspring to the London studios of the Sharon Osbourne Show.

Twinlakes Director Phil Bendall says: ‘We are delighted to be invited, Sharon Osbourne is undoubtedly an animal lover. Wilma is now waiting for a call from Simon Cowell to audition for the Sow-Factor.’